Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog, Continuous Learner! My name is Al. Here I'll be sharing many insights on a variety of higher education topics. This site is my humble attempt to continually build and expand on my existing knowledge. It's also a place where visitors can learn about my work. In short, I use my expertise in coaching, facilitation, training, project management, and grantsmanship to support colleges to effectively plan and implement homegrown practices that get results for students.

Here are basics about me:

- I hold a doctorate in education from UCLA. I began my college education as a returning student at a community college after serving in the military. I transferred to Cornell University.
- I've run my private practice for over a decade, serving 30+ institutions to support the planning and implementation of small, medium, and large-scale initiatives.
- I started my career in K12, which included serving on a research, development, and implementation team (founded by Stanford & UCLA researchers and school practitioners) that coached principals and teachers nationally. I began working in higher education in the early 2000’s, leading large-scale grant planning and implementation efforts that increased student success.
- In K12 I helped a school win the US Dept. of Ed National Blue Ribbon and in higher ed I had a Title V grant deemed a national model for management and implementation. Truth be told, I had fantastic teams and spent less time "leading" them and more quality time collaborating with them.

My hope is to provide useful information that you will find insightful and productive. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and visit the testimonials page.

A. Solano
(aka, Dr. Al)

Snapshots of my work with campuses.

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